Here you can find the updated rules and resources for the Batman Miniature Game



The basic game rules.

Current version: 3rd Edition



Batman Miniature Game has specific rules that are hard to find in rule books. If you need to look up any game rules you can find them in the Compendium.


The Compendium collects all the Special Modifiers, Traits and Markers, Weapon special rules, Templates, Effects, Special Equipment and more, in a detailed way so you find the solution to your doubt quickly.


Download it here so you can play knowing all the details of the game.

Current version: v1.4



Current version: August 2022 v01


Event Cards

Current version: v01


Encounter Cards

Current version: v01


Game Templates

Printable Explosive & Expansive Templates.


Batmatch Rules

Current version: March 2022 v1.0


Team Rules

Current version: May 2020 v1.2


Cults Rules

Current version: April 2021 v1.0


Upgrade Cards Rules

Current version: December 2019 v1.0


bMG update

This update helps the players who wish to play with content released for the 2nd edition of the game into the 3rd edition.


bMG App

The official Batman Miniature Game App for your iOS or Android device.


community resources

Thanks to some members of the Batman Miniature Game community, we will be able to have extra material for our games. 


In this section you have the resources created by other players to facilitate and expand the game.

Character Cards

Thanks to Jordan Goetze and Tobias1087

The Batman Scenarios

Thanks to Shieldwall100