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Organized Play


This section is dedicated to our beloved community, and to the fabulous Events that make our game grow day by day.


Our official BatMatch events have been created for you to put your favorite crew's tactics to the test. BMG is intended to be a highly competitive game, so in the BatMarch you will use all your abilities and strategies to win the game. Think that you will play against other expert players, so you will have to be more skillful than your opponent to get a good result. It will be a great battle!


To perfect the gaming experience, we have made some changes to the BatMatch events such as how the Event and Encounter cards are played, creating a pre-phase whose strong point will be strategy, and the limitations when forming Objective decks to make the game fairer for all the selected crews.


In addition, if you participate in these events you will be able to get the exclusive miniatures and the markers of the BatMatch Event Kit (remind your organizer to get them before the event!). This year the chosen models are Batman (Viking) and Ace, Batman's faithful canine assistant. On the other hand, the markers are those of Audacity, with a theme of the last movie of The Batman, and some special wound markers.


Download the BatMatch rulebook at the button below to enter the fabulous competitive world of Batman Miniature Game!

Tournament Gallery

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