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the crews

meet the factions struggling to control gotham city

Choose your favorite crew and create a winning strategy that will make you one of the best players of Batman Miniature Game in the world!




He is the night, he is justice, he is Batman. Batman was a ruthless vigilante that evolved into a character with a stringent moral code and strong sense of justice.

Now he has joined forces with the Gotham City Police Department to defeat organized crime and the worst criminals.


Batman's crew is ready to defeat any opponent. In addition, its Objective deck can be adapted to different game styles. This is the greatest advantage of playing with the Batman’s crew!


Will you join the good guys to fight against organized crime and corruption?

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a wonderful group of operatives who’ve gone on covert missions across the globe.


Its crew stands out for its great mobility, strength and defense.


Will you join this group to show who's boss in Gotham City?

The Joker

The Joker


The Joker is a complete psychopath with a warped and sadistic sense of humor. Now, He and his crew will take control of Gotham creating chaos! His Objective cards can be scored by enemy and friendly models, even those cards that deal damage and effects!


This game mechanic will make you be able to complete your objectives and usually do it faster than other players. In addition, you can limit the opponent' skills to score their own cards. With the Joker crew the game will be full of chaos and fun!


Do you want to join the party too?




Religious cults, cults full of anger and fanaticism. Eager to gain power and gain control of Gotham City. Now they are ready to defend their ideas at BMG.


The cult crew is very flexible. They have a unique mechanic, faith. Their faith is their main characteristic. Cults generate faith points that must be used to accomplish certain objectives. Try this BMG crew to play in a unique and competitive way!

League of Assassins

league of assassins


The League of Assassins crew is a dangerous eco-terrorist organization who will want to eliminate the most of the population to save the planet. Their leader is Ra's who, thanks to the Lazarus Pit he has been alive for hundreds of years so his attack technique is highly perfected.


Following his lead, his crew, League of Assassins, focuses on combat. The defeat of his enemies will be an essential point in this crew. Will you join them to follow the ideals of Ra's al Ghul?