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The November releases are here and this time, due to the 10th anniversary, we have a big surprise. We have some releases based on the Arkhamverse!

Batman: Arkham is a video game saga that we all know and love! So, due to the 10th anniversary of the Batman Miniature Game we wanted to include these releases in honor of the first miniatures in the game. Miniatures that were also based on the Arkhamverse, however, now we have better materials and design so the end results are spectacular!


Arkham Asylum holds Gotham City's most dangerous criminals captive. Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-face, Penguin and Scarecrow are some of those who are locked up behind its walls, but their stay in this place will not be peaceful. They will be in charge of unleashing terror within Arkham Asylum.

The Joker wants the toxin called "Titan" to create an army of monsters to destroy Gotham City.

Killer Croc was in Arkham Asylum when Joker planned to break out. The problem was that he had an electric collar that was activated at the slightest suspicion of an escape attempt. Still, he keeps looking for a way to get revenge on Batman.

Bane was Dr. Penelope Young's guinea pig. She kept him trapped by a machine that drained all of the Venom from his body, making Bane increasingly enraged during the process.

Pretty amazing, right? Well, we still have more releases! In addition to these incredible miniatures, we have two other ones to show you!

Batman crosses the streets of Gotham City on his motorcycle to catch up with his enemies as quickly as possible.

Batman is brainwashed due to the Deacon's words. Now he will have a mental prison that will make him see the world according to his ideals.


You can buy these miniatures right now!!


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