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We bring you the October releases! This month we bring you a new crew and an update for Gotham City's most adaptable character.


Most notable is the new Deacon Blackfire crew. The Deacon Blackfire is the leader of a cult that hides in the sewers of Gotham. This religious leader surrounds himself with people without resources who faithfully follow his ideals. These will be other releases presented for this month.

On the one hand we have Blackfire's Maiden, a strange woman with her face covered in a very spooky style.

On the other hand, there are the Blackfire's Worthy Ones, they are two of the most important miniatures of the crew. These followers will be a key piece in the game.

Blackfire's Fold are more generic miniatures, but with a great personality. His style and his traits will give advantages never seen in Batman Miniature Game.

The same can be said of Blackfire's Reinforcements. Another group of followers with a similar style to the rest of Blackfire's followers but with traits that complement each other.

This would be the full crew that is already available. Additionally, you will also be able to purchase the Blackfire Cult Objective Cards that will be included in the general Cult Objective deck. This new set of cards is called The Cult: Blackfire card pack and will be essential to completing Deacon Blackfire's crew.

Finally, let's talk about the new rules for the Clayface miniature. Clayface is gaining prominence so new rules have been added that will add markers to Clayface. So if the new Clayface is acquired, there will be a new way to play with him that is more dynamic and competitive.


The October releases are already available and can be obtained through the Knight Models website and in your nearest FLGS. Test your knowledge of the game and test the mechanics offered by the new miniatures.


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