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Deacon Blackfire is the leader of a cult that operates from the sewers and wants to gain control of Gotham City.

Deacon's followers are homeless people duped by his alluring talk of a new, better life. This speech is full of beliefs and an end goal so desired that they will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

The reality is that Blackfire has used his psychology to manipulate these poor people. His modus operandi is always the same. He uses his followers to carry out his plans and uses his psychology and drugs to get people to side with him.

When they manage to kidnap Batman, the end is near. It is only a matter of time before Gotham City ends under the will of this new sect that wants to impose its desire on everyone.

Deacon Blackfire the Cult


The story begins with the appearance of brutally murdered criminals on the streets of Gotham city. These deaths baffle the GCPD and send Batman into action to find out who is dispensing justice with such force. After investigating these crimes, Batman realizes that it is the work of Deacon Joseph Blackfire. He is a self-proclaimed divine messenger who intends to eradicate crime from the city no matter how he achieves it.

Batman the cult


Batman will not get rid of this leader easily as he will be kidnapped and held by Deacon Blackfire. This takes him to the sewers where his followers will treat him as he wishes.

Blackfire takes advantage of this situation to destroy Bruce Wayne's morale. The peculiarity that the Deacon has is that he is a villain who attacks people's beliefs. His ideals are based on the fact that tough times call for tough actions, which is why he acts so brutally.

With his dismissive actions and using inhumane methods like giving him drugs and keeping him from eating, Deacon Blackfire ends up destroying Bruce psychologically. It is one of the first times that he cannot cope with the situation and we see and feel the fear Batman is experiencing. He is broken, lost, vulnerable and exhausted. Drugs and lack of food leave him in a desperate state.

His spirit has broken and his sleep-deprived and dehydrated body begins to fail, so he begins to believe the Deacon's words. It is at that moment Batman is rescued and he recognizes reality so he leaves the destructive loop to which the Deacon had led him.

Batman the Cult


This story marked a milestone thanks to its mature and credible adult perspective.

The cult deals with various themes. Deacon Blackfire, at the head of a sect of homeless people, he manages to bend Batman's will, destroy his invincibility and gain absolute control of Gotham.

The Cult has been rated as the sixth best work (of 25) on Batman for the change it gives to the comics of the Batman universe and for how they show us weaknesses that we did not think possible in Bruce Wayne, among other things.

Jake Baker The cult

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