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The Arkham video game series has been the most important adaptation of the Batman universe into video games. This combination of fighting, action and stealth in such a dark and gothic atmosphere is totally in the style of Batman! All the main games have the unique look and feel that we love while connecting us with the stories of the villains that are spectacular.


Its story shows us a younger Batman in his early years of fighting crime. This time he has a bounty placed on his head by Black Mask who lures eight deadly assassins from Gotham City on Christmas Eve.

Batman goes after him and discovers a series of murders that the villain has carried out. While he has enemies behind him, he continues to investigate until he finds Black Mask, but not everything is what it seems. Black Mask shows his face and the Joker turns out to be a new criminal who will give more than one headache to the dark knight.


The game begins as expected with Batman stopping the Joker's plan once again. This time he manages to capture him and takes him to Arkham Asylum but on the way, he thinks something is wrong. Joker doesn't put up any resistance and seems pretty calm. Something unusual about him. However, Batman does not seem to give it much importance and does his job without knowing that he has just made a fatal mistake.

Predictably, Joker had some crazy ulterior motives. That's why he behaved like a good boy and allowed himself to be locked up in the Arkham Asylum. This was all part of his plan to get the drug Titan!

The Titan drug, as its name suggests, is a very powerful substance that was going to serve as a "medicine" for those patients who were not very healthy, but instead it ended up transforming the patient into a monster! It was made by Dr. Penelope Young after taking all of Bane's Venom and mixing it with the Poison Ivy plants. All a success if what you want is to create chaos!

This powerful combination was the Joker's idea. Using Mr. White's Nickname, he convinces the doctor to create the drug with the intention of having an army of monsters at her service. A very Joker-style plan! But, that’s not all, Joker uses the drug on himself, so Batman will have a lot of work to do if he wants to stop this eccentric monster from doing what he wants inside the asylum.

Not only Joker will make things difficult for him. Let's remember that Batman is not a very popular person among the criminals of Gotham City, and who is locked up in Arkham Asylum? Voilà, the same criminals he has locked up. So, Harley Quinn in her plan for helping the Joker, Scarecrow with his fear toxin prepared, Killer Croc with his chance to get revenge on Batman, etc. They'll be waiting for Batman to give him a warm welcome to Arkham Asylum!


A year after all this show, resentment is still in the air, so a prison called Arkham City is created to be destroyed along with its prisoners. A questionable but quite effective idea. Bruce Wayne takes a stand against it and holds a press conference about his opposition to the creation of Arkham City, but in the middle of the conference, a group of mercenaries breaks in to arrest Wayne and imprison him in Arkham City. This was the work of Hugo Strange, Arkham City's chief physician who knew Bruce's secret identity and wanted him incarcerated in prison.

When he comes to Arkham City, Bruce is interrogated and tortured by Hugo Strange who reveals to him what he knows about his identity and forces him to collaborate with him in order to activate "Protocol 10", which turns out to be a plan to end all the population of Arkham City. Quite a problem for Batman who is not in his best moment since inside the prison, Bruce meets a very deteriorated Joker. It seems that the Titan drug has some terrible side effects. Joker takes the opportunity and infects Batman with his disease so that he looks for a cure and takes advantage of it. Again a totally Joke idea!

Bruce sets out to find a cure while he runs into other criminals who make his life more difficult. At one point he tries to save Selina from Two-Face's trial, you know, he flipped the coin, the burned part came out and there was nothing to do. Two-Face was about to put her on trial when Batman arrived to play the hero, though Catwoman didn't seem to need much help. In the end, Selina is saved, and Two-Face begins his plan to get revenge!

In the end Batman finds the cure and finally meets the Joker twice! Because the first one was actually Clayface posing as him. Joker fails to get the cure and dies, or not, because with this man you can never know how far he can go with his tricks.


Another year later, with Batman already recovered from the disease. The Scarecrow begins to create terror with another variety of his fear toxins to control his victims through their phobias. This time his objective is a large-scale attack so he is going to release the toxin on Halloween night all over Gotham City, so Batman has very little time to act. In addition, he has allied himself with powerful enemies of Batman and new criminals so that the dark knight faces a difficult situation and does not arrive in time to see how Gotham city falls prey to the terror of the Scarecrow!

One of these new criminals was the Arkham Knight. A mysterious villain who is obsessed with Batman. This turns out to be Jason Todd, the former Robin from Batman. Arkham Knight appeared the night the Joker died. His plan was to go after Batman to convince the villains who had just been defeated that there was a way to defeat the dark knight. He had already finished off the followers of the Joker and wanted to be the one to do the same with Batman, so the dark knight will have a feared adversary who knows him better than anyone.


These titles have been the four most important games in the Arkhamverse saga. In case you didn't know, Knight Models started the Batman Miniature Game with miniatures from these incredible games. Now, we are on the tenth anniversary of the game and to celebrate it we have been creating great surprises throughout all this time. Stay tuned to our social networks for more new surprises.


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