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Aaron Cash and the Quick Response Team are receiving an update!

Design changes focussing on dynamic sculpts and exciting poses will make them much more visual. In addition, the new miniatures will be created in thermoplastic, the new material that we are using in our miniatures and to make them more resistant and lighter.

They will have the corresponding adaptation to the Batman Miniature Game third edition. For now we can say that Aaron Cash will be "Elite Boss (Swat)" and the Quick Response Team members will be "Elite (Swat)" but there will be many more changes.


Created by Dan Slott and Ryan Sook, Aaron Cash made his first appearance in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1.

Aaron Cash worked for the G.C.P.D. on a special task force for Commissioner Gordon until a traumatic event caused him to resign. At that time he went to work at the Arkham Asylum where he ended up being one of the most respected guards there.

Aaron Cash got off to a good start at the G.C.P.D. where, due to his proficiency in melee combat, it was not difficult for him to adapt to this environment. He would soon become the leader of a group of guards thanks to this tireless work, and Gordon trusted him so much that he even introduced him to Batman in those early days.

aaron cash hand

It seemed that his job in the G.C.P.D. was perfect for him but everything changed when Aaron Cash suffered an incident that would always be on his conscience.

This caused Cash to resign from his job with the G.C.P.D. to become a security guard at Arkham Asylum. There he lost his hand after being attacked by Killer Croc in a riot. He would never forget that event and he began using a grappling hook to substitute for his hand.


  • When Batman's identity was discovered, Cash told him that he preferred to continue calling him Batman.

  • Cash has a phobia of crocodiles. This is a metaphor for Peter Pan since, like Hook, who has the same phobia too, he lost his hand to the killer croc and replaced them with a hook.

  • Clayface turned into him once.

  • He has a wallet made from Killer Croc's skin.


What do you think of these new versions?


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