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Organized Crime: The Batman Two-Player Starter Box Crew

For years Carmine Falcone has ruled in Gotham city from the shadows, drawing attention away from himself and putting the spotlight on his "lieutenants". So, the Organized Crime crew contained in the new Two-Player Starter Box focuses primarily on the actions that this new Leader and his various Henchmen can produce, who have some very useful new traits for this crew.

Bruce Wayne, the one guy in the city more reclusive than me. Carmine Falcone

The new miniature of Carmine Falcone is a great support Leader. As Intel Support you won't worry about him being killed in the usual way, although it will be a priority to protect your Suspects well (luckily, the characters of this box will help you with this task). Apart from that, Falcone gives us some great benefits even before starting the game, such as having more Funding to spend on powerful weapons or equipment, or Corrupt to be able to include characters with Cop in your lists and make them even more versatile, thus standing out the ability to influence all levels of Gotham City.

To help our characters they will have Coordination and Pulling the Strings, both very useful to be able to score any card in the deck, you could for example use Pulling the Strings after having placed a Suspect with Falcone to move an ally who previously had an active card Paying Tribute and bring it closer to our Boss, to immediately place a Suspect with that ally with Coordination and score the card.

There are many combinations. You can move a shooter to a vantage point and fire at a surprised enemy. With the This is My City trait, instead of controlling our characters, we can control a rival by bribing them with promises or threats, turning around very complicated situations to benefit your own interests.

Oh you’re everything they say you are, aren’t ‘cha? We both are. Oswald Cobblepot

This time Falcone's main lieutenant is the famous Oswald Cobblepot, who, before becoming Gotham's top criminal leader, was under Falcone's orders. From him we can highlight the traits Business Agent and Lieutenant (Falcone (The Batman)), with the first you get even more Funding for the crew, and with Lieutenant it allows you to move your Henchmen more freely, knowing that you will have two characters that will keep them well “Motivated” and Inspired. In addition, it has a more than dangerous ranged weapon, and a collection of support traits such as Order and Handyman, to give you a clear advantage when it comes to placing Suspects, necessary to score Shakedown for example by placing the Suspects just before defeating it with Oz's mighty weapon. Also, you should think about keeping some of his thugs close to him, with Protect Me! You'll be able to keep Oswald in the game for a longer time.

No. We work for him. Everybody does. Detective Kenzie

These 2 models added to the Organized Crime crew are the ones that are going to make the most noise. We are talking about the corrupt Detective Kenzie and the Mafia Thug. The first one gives us a utility to the crew never seen before, by revealing a Rival Suspect (necessary for Spring Cleaning for example). We can also place an allied Suspect thanks to Evidence Tampering, a very useful 2x1 to defeat the rival. With his advanced deployment and multi-purpose weapons, he can also use Message Job for example, but he also has Protect the Shadows, to cover the tracks and protect his real boss, Carmine Falcone. And to combine all this, it has a trait never seen before, Shady Dealings, which allows you to discard 2 cards, so you can unblock your hand of targets if you see it necessary.

On the contrary, Mafia Thug is a cheap Henchman, but he is also very versatile. It has close combat and ranged weapons. He is very useful in this crew. He makes an advanced deployment to counteract low overall crew movement. With Backpack we can always try to score Spring Cleaning with him, even if he doesn't have Audacity activation or is Inspired, and with the new Hitman trait you can play The Program even if the opponent decides not to reveal any Suspect to you to prevent you from scoring this card. Use him aggressively as his Shotgun is very useful even on the move, and will be one of your best pieces for this purpose.

Get out of here or that suit's gonna be full of blood. The Twin

It will be very difficult to cross the doors of the Iceberg Club (unless you are the Vengeance, of course) while they are guarded by these Twins. As good twins, they are practically identical, both have the typical traits of this crew, and also Competitive, which makes them even more difficult to deal with while they are both in the game area (taking care of them will be essential to not lose the bonus), and both have the other boss protection crew tool, This is Mine, to prevent the opponent from revealing nearby Suspects unless he engages them first

The difference is that one has the new trait Widespread Corruption and the other Twin has Showing the Ropes, two essential traits for the crew. With the Twin 1 you will be able to remove any Suspect even if it is very far from you, and with the Twin 2 you will be able to play the Recovering the Juice card more calmly, having up to two options to complete the card thanks to him.

This crew wouldn't be complete without a little muscle. What is necessary to have a low-cost way to complete Killing the Rat having more bodies than the rival, especially useful for this is Bouncer 2, with its Tough Guy trait, while Bouncer 1 will allow us to play the Pinched Mobster objective, although the rival decides not to attack us. And finally, Bouncer 3 that, although it does not contribute anything directly to how to play our cards, brings us a more than reliable weapon and with a trait to increase his rate of fire, and to be able to score the large number of aggression cards that have this crew.

As the final conclusion of the Organized Crime themed crew from the movie The Batman, you will have a Boss who is crucial to achieving your objectives, making the most of his turns will be vital, so although controlling for example a rival leader can to have a great effect, you will have to know whether to take the risk that your opponent passes his test and you get nothing, or directly use Coordination to ensure an extra action with one of our men and score a card. Also, don't underestimate Oswald's activations, since he can also take a bunch of actions during his activation. Knowing how to control the deployment of Detective Kenzie and Mafia Thug is also very important, placing them far apart from the main group can be detrimental, do not lose them quickly as they are a great group.

That's all, if you like the shadowy world of Gotham City, this will be your ideal crew to achieve your goals with the mobsters who control the city's underworld. Remember that the pre-order of the new Batman Miniature Game Two-Player Starter Box includes the Drifter (Bruce Wayne) miniature, and it is available until May 20th. In the next few days we will show you more details of the new Starter Box. Don't miss out!


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