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This is my city: Falcone Overview

The arrival of the new Batman Miniature Game Two-Player Starter Box is just around the corner! So it's a good time to take a look at the master of Gotham, the new leader of Organized Crime: Carmine Falcone!

Don't you know you boys in blue work for me? Carmine Falcone

Falcone is the leader from the shadows of Gotham City's underground. He has ruled the streets with an iron fist for years, and he has come to Batman Miniature Game to gain a spot in your Organized Crime lists.

He is a very versatile support leader, who will be able to get you out of any complicated situation. Let's take a look at his Character Card:

As Intel Support, you won't have to be as fearful and careful as you usually have with characters of this style (although you'll have to protect your Suspects to prevent unnecessary damage), and you'll have more freedom when moving it around the board.

You have pre-game traits that will help you better configure your lists as Lord of Business to include all the weapons you want and with Corrupt you will be able to choose from among the Gotham Police the best aids to score your Objective deck.

Coordination and Pulling the Strings are two awesome traits to help the rest of your crew do what they need to do. Coordination is an old acquaintance where you can choose a friendly model and perform an action with it, so there are many possible combinations. While the new Pulling the Strings trait with the cost of placing a Suspect with Falcone, allows you to move an ally 8", perfect for repositioning your shooter or for an ally associated with a Paying Tribute card to score more easily.

In terms of rival control, you have both his Influence attack, perfect for keeping the most dangerous rivals away from the rest of your crew, and with This is My City, you can hypnotize an enemy model (if it's a Henchman spending Black Money you won't even have to risk it with a roll as it will automatically fail the roll) and if the roll is successful, use this powerful effect to disrupt rival plans in a way only this crime master knows how.

That’s all. Now it's your turn to join Organized Crime and do dirty jobs on the streets of Gotham to control the city from the shadows.

In the following articles we will explain the rest of the characters included in the new Batman Miniature Game Two-Player Starter Box. Don’t miss out!

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