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The new Batman Miniature Game two-player starter Box is here!

Gotham City, city of the night, crime and corruption. Organized Crime does its dirty jobs on its streets and rules from the shadows. This is something that Batman cannot allow. Corruption must be eliminated, so Batman and the GCPD join forces to defeat the Organized Crime mafia and rid Gotham of their crimes.

The new Batman Miniature Game two-player starter box is here! A new beginning where you can play BMG with your favorite characters from the hit movie “The Batman”.

For this new BMG starter box we wanted to create 2 new crews so you can choose who you want to play with. Will you join Batman to fight crime and corruption, or will you be a member of Organized Crime to impose an oppressive power on the city?

The choice is yours. We will include 17 new miniatures for you to have representation from both sides.

Among these miniatures we have the enigmatic Batman and Catwoman with incredible poses. Carmine Falcone with his incredible miniature, The Penguin and his bodyguards The Twins, Lieutenant Gordon, the chief of detectives Mackenzie, Officer Martinez, corrupt detective Kenzie, spectacular miniatures riding a horse and much more!

All these detailed miniatures are made of thermoplastic and have a corresponding plastic base so you can play with them directly. Our painting suggestions can give you an idea of what the final result would be if you painted them, try giving them your own style, it's so fun!

Apart from the numerous miniatures that we have already mentioned, this BMG starter box includes a rulebook that will contain everything you need so that you do not miss any details of the game's mechanics.

We also have new Objective cards for Batman, Catwoman, The Penguin and Falcone. The 61 cards included in the box are divided in 2 complete Objective decks: 22 Batman crew Objective cards, 23 Organized Crime crew objective cards, 8 Encounter cards and 8 Event cards, plus we have also added +100 markets, templates and measuring sticks!

This is all the content that awaits you with the Batman Miniature Game two-player starter box. The new box will cost 99’95€ and will contain everything you need for you and a friend to play competitively, testing your skills and deductions in a good way. Be a detective too, try to guess what the rival's next move will be and anticipate their moves to have them at your mercy.

In BMG you will need to take control of Gotham City to dominate the situation and win the game. Can you properly use your crew? Play with the new Batman Miniature Game two-player starter box, put your strategies to the test and become the boss of Gotham City!

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