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Batman: The Batman Two-Player Starter Box Crew

Bruce Wayne's early years as Batman in Gotham City were pretty rough. The city plunged into corruption when our hero took his first steps as The Bat. His first jobs made him gain experience and realize that not everything was what it seemed at first glance. If he wanted to deliver justice, he had to start trusting his instincts and act like a true detective in order to unmask the criminals who rule the city from the shadows.

With this in mind, the new Batman Miniature Game Two-Player Starter Box represents the characters from the incredible movie The Batman, thus giving you a fresh take on the characters where they are still somewhat inexperienced.

Any player who starts playing with this box will see how the character that leads the crew, Batman (The Batman), Vengeance, is one of the versions of the character more focused on detective work, having less weight in combat than other more combative versions of the same character.

He stands out in Shadows Agent, Vigilante's Work and Investigator, all traits very clearly necessary to score the multitude cards of the crew focused on placing and revealing Suspects, and especially Unveiling the Truth. Considering that he is still looking for his own style, and is trying to control the anger he feels for his terrible loss, as a new trait I'm Vengeance stands out, a trait that will give you a bonus to make attacks with him, but this trait will impose a penalty on him when using Vigilante's Work until you have scored at least 6 Objective cards, at which point the trait will stop being applied completely.

This model has the typical Batman tricks such as the Batclaw, Reinforced Gloves, and an especially powerful version of the Bat-Armor, which is even more powerful against ranged attacks. His use in the game could be similar to that of Batman (Year One) with the main difference that this Batman could enter more into combat, especially at the beginning of the game, and then try to score the cards to reveal Suspects, special mention again to Unveiling the Truth, who with Investigator will be our best character to carry out this strategy. Not forgetting that Comb Through Everything will be scored in the meantime. Using his new trait Serum Injection will be decisive in deciding a round, because during that entire round our Batman will make a free effort up to 2 points to attack, defend and give us that turn in which he will be unstoppable.

I’m Vengeance. The Batman

We are going to continue talking about Lieutenant Gordon (The Batman) and Catwoman (The Batman), two of the characters that match this Batman in a way that has never been seen in BMG before. Lieutenant Gordon is the perfect support character for Batman, with a powerful new trait called Support (X), which in this case is Support (Batman (The Batman)), which allows us to activate it with a Special Action at the cost of activating it, perform any action with that Batman. The most likely immediate uses could be setting/revealing a Suspect, moving the model to get it out of trouble or into the action, making an attack even if he's not on his turn, etc.

We can also activate the Serum Injection for example, if we don't want to activate it yet, but if we need that extra survival in the meantime.

As well as having the complete Gotham Police set, with Cop, Arrest and even Detective, so you can score all those cards like Secure the Perimeter, Wait For Backup and even Non-Lethal Ammo with his weapon.

You could have at least pulled that punch, man. Lieutenant Gordon

If Batman moves away, we can continue to enjoy a very good action such as activating the Order trait, and placing that Suspect necessary to place a Snitch, for example. His trait Lieutenant (Chief Mackenzie) helps us even more to decide who will be our Boss (since Batman with Shadow's Agent cannot be) and open our lines, being able to flank the rival with two groups of Inspired police.

With the version of Catwoman (The Batman) we have something similar because her new Bat-Lenses trait allows us to look at the opponent's hand (crucial to try to guess their next movements) and also extends the use of this trait to our Batman. Apart from that, she is a very versatile character, being able to Reveal once for free per round, she is also an Acrobat which gives her great mobility. In combat she is also very good as she has a great weapon and some defensive traits that keep her safe.

Her best function will be to place and reveal Suspects along the sides of the playing area to take advantage of her mobility and then go where she is needed to provoke some KOs and then use the Arrest trait of the policemen in our crew and score with them too.

I can take care of myself. Catwoman

In Chief Mackenzie we have the perfect Boss of our crew playing directly with the contents of the box. He has medium stats that will make him last long enough, and his combo with Gordon will ensure we keep our Henchmen inspired even if we make two groups of characters advance separately, very useful to use in conjunction with the Batman deck.

His new trait Crucial Information allows us to move a Suspect. We can use it to approach to enemy Suspects that we want to remove, such as moving a Snitch out of the reach of our rival and making sure we score it.

In addition, he adds some extra Funding and some additional Sewer and Streetlamp. We also have with us a unique profile for the police and the completely new GCPD Mounted Agent. With this new profile you gain access quickly to a character that can be where you need it, and this can make a big difference when placing or revealing a Suspect in order to score a card. In addition, he has Always on the Move, to attack with his great weapon, and then be able to keep him moving to get where we wanted, or stop in contact with another model and use his Arrest.

You are protecting this guy, Jim? He interfered in an active hostage situation. Colson's blood is on his hands. Chief Mackenzie

We finish this review with the police from the box, Officer Martinez and the GCPD Cop 1 and 2. They are the typical cheap Cop characters, but with utility to help you score your cards while they are Inspired, but do not have an Audacity activation marker. Officer Martinez gives you a ranged weapon at a very low cost to score for example Non-Lethal Ammo, but also has the very useful Detective, which in a Henchman gains even more value. GCPD Cop 1 will allow us to have an advanced character already on the table, with his free move before starting with Scout. Just be careful with the movement of him so that he is not removed quickly. GCPD Cop 2 gives us a Stop, to help us control the rival movements and that they do not approach our previously placed Suspects to score, for example, Secure the Perimeter, or interfere with one of our Snitch.

To finish we will say that, in the Batman themed crew of the latest cinematic adventure, you have our golden boy, Batman, although you must be careful with him, since he has a lower Defense value than other versions of the same character. Of course, he has a good personal chemistry with other characters of the movie, and, in addition, you have several henchmen with very useful traits, so use them to exploit the maximum potential but also remember that they are characters with limited resistance, so be careful with your opponent's ranged weapons. Take cover while placing or revealing Suspects with them.

That's all, in these articles read about the details of Organized Crime crew, and the details contained in The Batman, the new Two-Player Starter Box. Don’t miss out!


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