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The most carismatic Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson we've ever seen on screen land at Batman Miniature Game as a tandem who know how to score objective cards and come ready to kick Mr. Freeze's ass.

One of the most colorful Batman movies with some of the most histrionic performances we've seen deserved models to match.

Throughout the movie we can see Batman and Robin fighting hand to hand and falling on the evil henchmen of Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy (We can even see a version of Bane who has not been too well suited to the dose of poison) but at the end of the day the team fight and pirouettes end up tipping the scales to the side of the heroes.

We wanted to reflect that way of fighting and moving that Clooney and O'Donnell gave to the characters (not forgetting of course the controversial nipples on the armor).


No surprises in this section, a solid Batman for 105 points and a slightly more fragile Robin for 45 but with a lot of mobility.


Willpower: 7

Endurance: 7

Attack: 4

Defense: 4

Strength: 3+

Mov: 10


Willpower: 6

Endurance: 5

Attack: 3

Defense: 4

Strength: 4+

Mov: 12

Both models have the option of investing a little money to upgrade their armor and get an extra point of Endurance and cold resistance.

We can see some new abilities in both Batman and Robin that allow them to fight as a team, be very mobile and make your opponent feel like they can drop down on any model from above, all while their abilities fit together beautifully to score objective cards.

Batman begins with many of the traits we've seen him with before.

Bat-Claw, Bat-Cape, Bat Armor MKII, Detective, Arrest, Sneak Attack & Teamwork (1) with Robin 1997 These are the skills he has that may be familiar from other versions.

This Batman 1997 also has some new surprises.

Bat Credit Card. The infamous card that the bat uses when he is on duty. For their day to day expenses (Like bidding 7 Million for Poison Ivy). Thanks to this card we will have available 350$ Extras to buy equipment for our crew.

Flying Kick (Especial). Batman 1997 is a true professional in the art of falling from the sky and delivering a flying kick that launches his enemies into the air. If we activate Flying Kick, until the end of the round if it falls from a high position on an enemy, our Melee attack will gain some bonuses: Devastating, Push (4) and in addition to all that, it will force the target enemy (as long as it doesn't kill him) to drop a suspect (which will be very useful to score cards like: Comb Through Everything, or Follow The Clues).

A Robin with many traits for a reputation cost of only 45 points, 10 traits in total, 2 of them new.

Robin 1997 has many of the typical Robin traits that give him mobility and utility in equal parts, although don't be misled, if a good opponent's puncher comes to melee, this Robin, although somewhat more resistant than what we usually see in the Robin, is still not a good tank like the Batmans are.

Acrobat, Batclaw, Light Armor, One of the Boys + Radio, Reinforced Gloves & Teamwork (2) with Batman 1997.

This Teamwork (2) with Batman has an additional help to be used, and that is that Robin 1997 also has Stay in Formation, which will allow him to approach Batman before attacking and benefit from the powerful Teamwork (2).

You may have noticed that this Robin doesn't have "Agile" and you may be wondering, how is he going to get down from buildings after he climbs up with the Bat-Claw? The answer is simple, if you saw the Joel Schumacher movie, Robin is able to fall from a rocket without getting a scratch, to represent this, he has the Kowabunga! trait.

If we activate this deal, Robin will not only not take damage from falling, but also, after finishing a move action that he started from a higher position, his unarmed attacks will gain Devastating and he will be able to move an additional 4". Cool, High Five!

Protected Lips. Thanks to the lip protection she uses, Robin is immune to the poison.


With 150 reputation points between the two may seem like a very high amount but the utility that Batman and Robin 1997 bring to the crew for those points is very high. And we think their way of being played is tremendously fun, taking advantage of the Bat-Claws and dropping in on threats, your opponents will have a hard time planning turns with the constant threat of this duo.


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