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Batman is one of the most represented characters in audiovisual media of all time. The setting of his world, the chains of his past and his highly visual style have created a legend that is hard to imitate. Batman has had many styles and designs, but he always gets that essence that makes him one of the recognized vigilantes of all time. In this article we will see the trajectory of the Dark Knight and the changes that have given him over time.


There have been many actors who have played the role of Batman over the years, but one of the most emblematic and pioneering in making our vigilante famous was Adam West in the Batman series and movie. The Batman of the 60s is more light-hearted and has a more comedic style that conquered viewers around the world. Today, he is still an icon. Adam West and Burt Ward as Robin, are the classic Batman and Robin. The fans love these guys and remember them with special affection.

Almost thirty years passed until another Batman movie saga conquered the cinematographic world. These films are the Tim Burton adaptations where the tone of the film is just… Tim Burton style!

These movies are much darker, scarier and more sinister. We can verify it in the Batman played by Michael Keaton. The legend of the Dark Knight begins to be seen in him. I feel a much more serious Batman, with few words and visibly darker than the sixties version.

This change came as a surprise to many fans, and although these films have their critics, they have been considered a milestone in the history of Batman.

George Clooney's Batman put an original twist on the path of the character. The Batman & Robin movie has got a lot of feedback regarding this change. It is a film of contrasts that got an original and extravagant touch that did not get much popularity from the fans.

We have seen another type of Batman during the following period of cinema, such as George Clooney's Batman, and Kevin Conroy's from the animated series Batman Beyond, but it was Christian Bale who played another of the best-known Batman.

Christopher Nolan's Batman has an original touch. The film focuses more on the Batman universe in a more realistic way, not being as dark as Burton's saga, but having a more outstanding dynamism than it. The entire trilogy focuses on how epic Batman's characters are. His action stands out throughout the story and the characters shine with their own light. All these combinations have made this trilogy one of the most popular versions of the Dark Knight.

How to interpret Batman after the success that Bale had in the Dark Knight? Creating a completely different Batman.

Ben Affleck has been in several Batman adaptations, the most famous being the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. In this film we see a darker Batman than Bale, but with a more realistic style than Keaton's. This Batman follows the style of a quiet and mysterious man, but has a very original touch of introspection that we rarely see in the vigilante of Gotham city. More aware of his problems than ever, this Batman will serve the same purpose as the others. Fight for what he believes to be fair.

We end this review of the adaptations of Batman with his latest film production: The Batman.

This time Batman is played by Robert Patinson. His Batman, like Affleck, is totally different from before. For this occasion, we have a gloomy Batman, but with a grunge touch that complements the originality of the film. Everything in this world is more underground including Enigma, the villain of the film to whom we see a darker eccentricity. A realistic element that we had not seen before and that fits the film perfectly.


  • Other actors considered to play Batman in The Batman movie were Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

  • Before delving into the comic books and researching the character, Robert Pattinson didn't know Batman was a detective.

  • Michael Keaton's movements as Batman were limited by the restrictions of the costume.


This has been the journey of some Batman movies through time. We hope you liked it.

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