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When we think of the Batman character, in our mind we relate it to an actor. That actor varies depending on our generation, for younger dark knight fans that actor may be Christian Bale, Ben Affleck or even Robert Pattinson, but if you were born in the 80's, as is my case, there is one actor that stands out among all the others. For us Batman will always be Michael Keaton.

This Batman really causes fear among the enemies of Gotham City, he has a style without frills, very expeditious. An armor capable of protecting him from the strongest attacks and a display of Bat-gadgets that made all of us who watched Tim Burton's movie want to have all those toys to fight crime.

His game style, just like in the movies, will be tremendously forceful, capable of facing several of the opponent's threats alone. Do you want to know more in depth how the new Batman is going to be? Below, we reveal all the details and how to take advantage of it during a game.


This Batman will have a Willpower and Endurance of 8. A fairly standard amount in all Batman Miniature Game.

His Attack of 4 may seem mediocre compared to other Batman with attack 5, but read on, we already told you that he is one of the Batman with more punch in the entire BMG catalog, and his defense of 4 together with the Bat-Armor Mk I make him tough enough to make the opponent think if it's worth attacking him.

He has a 10" movement but with his "Hidden" ability and the "Batclaw" on almost any game table we will be able to put Batman practically anywhere we want from round 1 of play.

Solid stats for our leader at a reputation cost of 125 which is justified with the combination of deals that will allow us to control the table wherever we have Batman.

Many, varied, useful and some new. We find many that are already classics in any Batman, such as Bat Cape, Bat-Armor Mk I, Batclaw, Detective or Shadows Agent, but we also find some traits that are not so common to see and are those that we will discuss more in depth.

Hidden: We already know that we have previously had some Batman with this trait, but Batman (Michael Keaton) makes it especially useful, because it is a Batman that we want in the enemy lines giving blows and disrupting the opponent's plans. With Hidden, from the first turn we will be causing problems.

360º Strike: In a model that does not have "Reach" in any of its attacks it may seem a waste and an ability that we will rarely use. Before you judge this ability read "Enhanced Batlings".

"Enhanced Batlings" is a passive ability. After dealing damage with a ranged attack (this Batman has the Batlings which are also Throwing), you can put the enemy model you have damaged in contact with Batman. Additionally, after moving the enemy model with this deal, you can perform a Melee attack with the 360º rule for free. These rules in combination, can cause the following sequence to occur: Batman (Michael Keaton) comes out of the shadows and goes in contact with an enemy model.

He throws the Batlings at a different enemy model, and if he manages to damage it, he brings it also in melee contact and then makes a 360º Melee attack on both of them.

Batman (Michael Keaton) Melee attack is Expeditious Fighter, a 2 Stun damage attack that rolls two strength dice and subtracts -1 from opponent's defense rolls.

If this whole sequence went well, you will have made in a single action, a ranged attack and hit two enemy models with a melee attack action (and displacing one of the opposing models). Not bad for a single action.

"I'm Batman" is a deal that once per round, for free, allows you to cycle one of your Menace or Violence objective cards to apply "Scared" to an enemy model within 8". If we apply that Scare to the model, we are going to throw the Batligns at to start the whole sequence we explained before, this model will not be able to use Dodge and will have reduced attack and defense rolls.

This whole pack of traits to dish out justice in the form of blows is rounded out with Martial Artist, a trait that will help to not have disadvantages in case there is anyone left standing after your chain of actions ends.

As a final touch, in addition to all that this model provides, like The Penguin (Batman Returns), if the leader of your crew is Batman (Michael Keaton) , you will have the option of including in your crew one of the most charismatic characters of the entire Batman cinematic universe.


If you are a lover of subtlety and elegant strategies, this is not your Batman. On the other hand, if you like to thwart your opponents plans with blunt blows, Batman (Michael Keaton) will surely bring more than one smile to your face in your games.


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