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In Joel Schumacher's 1997 film Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley was in an all-out fight to help the battered flora of planet Earth. After her "Accident" that turned her into Poison Ivy she did everything she could to wipe out as many humans as she could to ensure a future for her beloved plants, including something truly unexpected, allying herself with Mr. Freeze.

In this new Batman Miniature Game model, we will have at our disposal a great part of the powerful and seductive abilities that Poison Ivy displayed during the movie.


Poison Ivy 1997 is a crew leader cheaper in reputation points than the previous versions. 66 points for a model with a lot of control skills seems a good choice.



ATT: 3

DEF: 3



A couple of new abilities and some classic ones that we had already seen in Ivy make this Model a threat on the gaming table.

Affinity (Mr. Freeze 1997): Yes, you read that right, if your Mr. Freeze Crew is using Mr. Freeze (1997) as leader, you can bring Poison Ivy 1997 in the crew in the Free Agent slot. Let's make this nice alliance that we saw in the movie continue on the game table.

Control Pheromones (Special): Her special to hypnotize enemies is still intact.

Elite Boss (Plants): Poison Ivy is still number one with plants, so if your crew can wear elite pants, you can include any number of them.

Mortal Kiss (Special): Another classic Poison Ivy trait that we saw in the movie, her deadly kiss. With this special ability activated, if Poison Ivy manages to make 3 hits in an attack against an enemy, she will eliminate that enemy directly.

Poison Immunity: I think this ability is self-explanatory.

Protect Me: Poison has so much convincing power that she can make any ally at 4 take the attacks that were originally meant for her.

Scientist: She is a scholar, and it shows. Scientists will help use one extra special trait per round.

This version of Poison Ivy does not have such powerful abilities as Chlorokinesis, Green Web or Pollination, but it does have a couple of new tricks that are sure to be useful.

Let's Cool it for Now: With this deal, once per round, after Ivy places a suspect, she will be able to place a Defense Modifier Marker (Positive or negative) on a model within 4" of that suspect.

Nature's Arm (Special): By activating this special, until the end of the round Ivy will be able to place or reveal suspects at 4" as long as she has line of sight (this combines quite well with "Let's Cool it for Now") and also, if we place those suspects in contact with an enemy model, it will gain Slow (2) entangled between Ivy's plants. This effect combined with the "Cold" of Mr. Freeze's crews can make us leave with a ridiculous movement even the Flash himself!

And of course she has an ideal complement for winter. We can buy her Ivy's Cape for 50 dollars, which will give her "Cold Acclimation". Don't forget to wear a good coat if our ally is Mr. Freeze.


A model with many utilities with both Birds of Prey and Mr. Freeze Crew, we are looking forward to seeing it working in battles between the two sides and see which of the two can take greater advantage of this Leader (or free agent).


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