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Because of his great intelligence and imposing physique, Bane has surrounded himself with followers who consider him a great leader capable of making a difference. Bane's followers are mercenaries and ex-soldiers trained to carry out his instructions as effectively as possible.

These are Bane's Mercenaries, and here's an update of some of their classic members. These characters have been redesigned to adapt to modern times, so their new traits will help you achieve your goal: break the Bat.

In the crew we add two miniatures already seen before in another crew but that become part of Soldiers of Fortune with the same profile they had in the Militia (with improvements), as the Militia becomes eternal.


The character of the lieutenant OP has a very good profile that also combines very well with the synergies of Bane's crew.


The medic OP has a very similar profile to what he had before, but with some changes that will benefit all members of the crew. An example is that if his allies are badly injured, that character will be able to use his Trait: Doctor for free without spending the action.


McGregor maintains his coordinated and threatening pose. His profile is very similar to the previous one, but we have added Coordination. This is a very useful trait that combines very well with the Veteran trait because it allows another model to perform one more action, so McGregor will be a great support for Bane and his mercenaries.


On the other hand we have Ted Hunter. He has an assault shotgun as before and his traits are focused on this weapon. He gains several abilities of this style such as Hunter which means that if you attack someone who is activated you get a free special action like Good Aim or Tracking. All these traits make him a very effective model when shooting.


Finally, we can say that Smash is the one that gets big changes in his miniature and in his traits. His hammer is much bigger so his hits are even stronger. Also, he counts for two and his ability makes no one make an effort so he has great endurance. As we can see this model is very imposing. Thanks to his weapon and his traits, he has a great attack, power and resistance as well, so he can become a very useful character within the crew.


These have been the general characteristics of the next mercenaries for Soldiers of Fortune. Their versatility and teamwork will give you all the tools to create a calculated and dynamic strategy in true Bane style.


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