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Pick a card, any card... that's the Objective!

Welcome back to our lead-up to the exciting new starter set for the Batman Miniature Game! We cannot wait for you to see all the awesome brand-new miniatures we have in store. But first, how do we turn our collection of Gotham’s denizens into a game-winning crew? The answer, of course, is objectives!

Just as important as building our crew is building our objective deck. Let's head back to the Batman Miniature Game App and get going!

Once we have our crew picked out we will be left with a set of cards at the bottom of the crew selection page to form our objective deck. Just like with our model choices, the app will take care of our selections, making sure we don't create an illegal deck. For reference we must take 20 cards, at least 10 of which must be specific to our crew and at most 10 generic cards. In addition, we can take no more than 10 cards in our deck that only have a single copy.

With all of this in mind let's go ahead and look at the anatomy of an objective card.

There is a fair bit to take in. Lots of numbers and symbols, so let's break it down. The large font leading up the left side of the card is the name of the objective. Each named card will be in a set of 1, 2 or 3 (more on that later) and each set may only be taken once, so I'm Feeling Weird can only be taken a single time, for example.

At the top left of the card, the large yellow number is the number of victory points the card is worth. This number is one of the most important in the game, as the more you have the better your chance of pulling out a victory!

In smaller white font next to the VP is the number of copies that you must add to your deck if you choose that objective - normally 1, 2 or 3. Each card in a set is counted towards your total of 20 so if you pick an objective with 3 copies, you will have 17 cards left to pick.

After the VP score, the next most important part of the card is how to obtain those VPs! If we look at the yellow box underneath the card artwork, we will find a series of 3 symbols.

The first is the type of objective. This currently does not affect the game so we will move onto the next symbol which will be a Roman numeral (1, 2, 3 or 4. This tells you which in which of the four phases of the game the card is played: Take the Lead, Raise the Plan, Execute the Plan, and Recount.

The final symbol will tell you when the card gives you those hard-earned VPs! The star means you will score the points as soon as the card is played. The clock will score at the end of the round, provided the scoring conditions are still valid. The diamond will score when the wording on the card states, meaning the card may remain in play over the course of several activations or even rounds!

After the symbols, we see the objective text which outlines how the card scores. Taking our example card, I’m Feeling Weird, and putting all our current information together, we can see that it is worth 2 victory points and there is just a single copy of the card. As for scoring, during phase 3 (execute the plan) if we inflict an effect on an enemy model we may play this card from our hand to immediately score it, and place it into our pile of scored objectives.

With all that information out of the way, we have one more aspect of the card to address - the resource! Every crew starts each round with 3 Resource Points to spend on resources, and the number next to the lightning bolt symbol tells us the number of points the bonus listed in the white box costs. For example, if one of our models receives an effect, like Scared, we could reduce our resource points by 1 and play the I’m Feeling Weird to our spent resource pile to remove that effect!

For the full rules on using, scoring and discarding objective cards, the full rules can be found in the main menu of the App!

Now, go build that objective deck and bring fame and notoriety to your crew in the mean streets of Gotham!


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