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With the arrival of the new Scarecrow Crew comes a few scary new mechanics.

The Scarecrow Crew will specialize in spreading terror across Gotham City to make the opponent doubt and question what is really happening to them. This crew uses an infamous group of new models, tasked with hindering your opponent's play whilst giving you the flexibility to successfully execute your own plans.

We talk about Nightmares.

A new type of unit that represents the most recurring, insane and twisted fears. They will torment Gotham City and we will have at our disposal 5 different types of Nightmares to configure the Scarecrow Crew.

All Nightmares have a few qualities in common:

At the beginning of their activation phase you can place the miniature in contact with one of your friendly suspects. This is the way Nightmares move as they have a 0 move attribute that cannot be increased in any way.

Nightmares cannot take efforts to attack or defend and are removed as a casualty if KO'd. Which, at first glance, can make them seem fragile, but keep reading and you will see that this is not the case.

Nightmares can receive Audacity Markers even if they are not in play. This rule will make a lot of sense when used in conjunction with the next rule.

If a Nightmare is removed as a casualty, it can be put back into play in the next round by removing a card from the terror pile or a fear card from your objective deck. And best of all, they return without any previously incurred lingering effects or damage. Yes, you have read correctly, you can put nightmares in contact with your suspect markers back into play. This makes them a recurring threat throughout the game, even with their apparent fragility.

Nightmares can melee attack and manipulate within a 4” radius, making these units one of the most flexible in the Scarecrow Crew.

In addition to all of these abilities making Nightmares very unique models in the Batman Miniature Game, all Nightmares have "Tangible Fear" a rule that will speed up the rotation of cards in your Objective Deck and allow them to ignore the defense and attack values of the rival models, for these values will become ​​half of their willpower, value rounding down, when they are within 4” of a Nightmare on an attack or defense roll .

Some models in Scarecrow's crew can redirect their hits to Nightmares, this is a very useful utility considering Nightmares can come back from the dead to take more hits for their crew members.

Essentially, Nightmares represent their opponent’s deepest fears and terrors, and this is represented by penalties to opponent's Willpower rolls when you are close to them.


Prepare to spread fear among your rivals. We are still not sure if the Nightmares are real or just in your imagination, but what is certain is that they will linger in the darkest recesses of your mind long after facing them in the Batman Miniature Game.



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