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Nora Fries & Reinforcements

Nora Fries represents everything that Mr. Freeze has fought for in Gotham City. Now, it is her turn to join her husband with her companions to freeze Gotham City together.

Mr. Freeze has finally managed to wake up his wife, Nora, and she comes accompanied by some very interesting reinforcements. Mrs. Freeze is a character that complements the crew in a different way than before, she is an aggressive sidekick, with a weapon that, although short-range, has a very high damage potential, a very powerful close combat weapon. She will also increase her power during the game as long as you skillfully use the Ice Age cards, ensuring her becomes unstoppable.

As for the reinforcements, Freeze Thug 5 is a tough mountain that rivals will have to be careful not to fall on them, a highly dangerous fighter with some tricks to protect the teammates from him and that the rivals only fight against him. Freeze Engineer, on the other hand, is a character that is only based on the support of the rest of her teammates. In addition to herself being able to play the game of Suspects very efficiently, she has the ability to repair her teammates with Cryo-Armor and even upgrade them to be more effective.

Like Mr. Freeze, in Mr. Freeze Cryo-Armor ice reigns in their attacks and with their traits you can freeze your rival's miniatures in Mr. Freeze style!

Discover their incredible techniques, control the ice and freeze Gotham city to the ground!

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