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Crew Overview: Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is a rogue scientist whose design for an “ice gun” backfires when he inadvertently spills cryogenic chemicals on himself, resulting in him needing sub-zero temperatures to survive.

Mr. Freeze's crew is one of the toughest crews in the game. Their Cryo-Armor and their Cold weapons will make their rivals have very cold moments.

The unique mechanic of the crew is Frozen. The crew has various methods designed to perform this mechanic, which is that Suspects affected by Frozen will have an added difficulty to be Revealed by rivals.

Also, many of the crew traits are meant to be performed when there are many Frozen Suspects in play. Whenever this happens, an opponent's random card will be placed under an Ice Age card, being completely denied, and can only be recovered by Revealing a Frozen Suspect.

“Cold, cold heart”

This crew is a hybrid between control and endurance, although if you don't know how to use it correctly it can be negative for you because generally, it doesn't have extremely mobile models.

The Deck

This objective card is the only way for the opponent to completely get rid of our Ice Age cards, because you will play this card hoping that at the end of the opponent's next activation, he will still have 1 Ice Age card in play. You will then remove one of your Ice Age cards from the game permanently.

It is very important to know at what point in the game you have to score this card, because if you score all 3 too quickly, you will lose the control they give you. Also, the last copy is the hardest to score, as you will only have 2 Ice Age cards available at the time. The Resource gives you even more endurance to Bosses that are already very tough. Try to place the Suspects that you are going to freeze forming "circles", since if you manage to have 4 Suspects within range, you will be removing up to 8 damage from your Boss.

Stay Cool is an objective card that asks you two things, that you have an opposing Frozen Suspect already in play, in order to place a Suspect on 4”. Try to take advantage of rival activations where they place a Suspect, since then they will surely have an opponent nearby so you can attack them from a distance, and freeze the Suspect, and then you can get closer and place the Suspect.

If you use the Resource, with a cost of 0, you will be able to choose the card that you place under an Ice Age card when you are going to place it, use it to block cards that you know that the opponent was going to score in the next activation, for example, and also it will also help you to see the opponent's hand.

It's a good idea to score the Chill Out objective after scoring Stay Cool and not the other way around, because it will cost you much more to do so, having to Reveal an opposing Frozen Suspect yourself, with its Resource, from a Frozen Suspect, you can choose a model at 4”, and, if it is an ally, give it a mobility boost, which is very necessary most of the time, or slow down an opponent.

A Freeze is Coming requires you to place a Suspect, and defend it for a number of random activations. To make the process easier, the best thing you can do is turn it into a Frozen Suspect, so that the opponent has a harder time using it. If you also make the opponent lose the model who sends to reveal it, you can win twice, because if you do not score this card, Kingdom of Ice will be your other option.

Just attack with a weapon that has the Cold trait, you will be adding counters to this card to be able to score it as quickly as possible. The resource of A Freeze is Coming will improve your defense and offense, giving you up to 2 attack markers, to make up for the "low" offensive power of your crew in close combat.

If you use the Kingdom of Ice Resource you will be able to “transport” a friendly model that is within 4” of a friendly Frozen Suspect and place it back within 4” of that same Suspect.

If you use this Objective card, you will have in your hand a resource to direct your opponent to where you want if the opponent wants to deny you Frozen Assets. The Resource is simple, it cancels another Resource, at a very low cost.

The Models

The leader of the crew, Mr. Freeze with his powerful Cryo-Armor (2) is a tough guy. Add the Large trait to further reduce the damage he takes and you have one of the perfect candidates to run a Frozen Assets.

“Then join me in my fate… and freeze”

Remember to have a Frozen Suspect near him to get the maximum potential to the armor. In addition to his weapon (which if you get a high number of hits, the Exposure damage can be quite high) that inflicts Cold, he has Cryo-Grenade and Ice Flash, to help you control enemies, and produce Frozen Suspects and thus be able to Score lots of your objective cards. He also has Scheming (2) so he can move Frozen Suspects closer at the end of each round, and with his Scientific, you'll be able to use (if he has Audacity) his two Special Actions.

The Polar Bears are unique to this crew. They give to you really tough henchmen, between the stats, Desensitized, Cryo Armor, Huge and Tough Skin, they are really difficult to bring down, so they are the perfect carriers of Frozen Assets. They can also place some Suspects because they can be inspired (Who doesn't want a suspect Polar Bear?).

“You only anger me”.

Charge will give you the option to deal some extra damage, even if you don't then attack the models you've targeted. While the Combat Polar Bear is specially designed to fight up close, it has a trait like Carry to help you move your Suspect to where you need it, or even to another friendly model for mobility.

The Ranged Polar Bear will help you with devastating ranged attacks, even without needing Line of Sight thanks to its Barrage, and will easily freeze Suspects with its shots. So, it will serve you at least to score Kingdom of Ice.

In order for the crew to be balanced, we can include 2 melee attack Henchmen and 2 ranged attack Henchmen. The melee henchmen are Freeze Thug 3 and Freeze Thug 4, who, like the rest of the crew, are above the other henchmen in terms of endurance, and, although they do not help us freeze Suspects, they have a couple of useful traits for any situation, such as Drop It! That will make it easier for the opponent to place Suspects to score Chill Out after freezing them, while thanks to Order A Freeze is Coming it will be easier to score by increasing our chance of placing Suspects where the opponent does not expect it.

“Do not disappoint me”

On the other hand, the ranged support Freeze Thug 1 and Freeze Thug 2 will do their job very well. The weapon of the first Thug, is one of the most lethal ranged weapons of the crew, and its Radio and Hacking will help us in the task of placing and revealing Suspects, since we will have them wherever we want, and it will be Inspired, even if we carry it alone. While the second Thug has a lighter weapon, which works at short distances (although we can also use it to freeze Suspects) it has Force Field, a very interesting special action if we are facing a crew with a good rate of fire.

That’s all. Now it's your turn to play with this crew and cool down the game in a deadly way. In future articles we will show other Mr. Freeze raid options and how to play them. Don’t miss them!


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