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Batman Miniature Game turns ten years old and at Knight Models we have planned a whole year of incredible news to celebrate it!

From Knight Models we are very happy with the great development that BMG has had during all this time. Its beginnings began with the initial idea of ​​creating a different skirmish game with the Batman characters that would represent a challenge for players of this kind of game.

With this idea in mind, the structure of BMG began to be developed, which would later become one of the most important games in the sector. We began by sculpting the miniatures by hand and began to make the rules that would eventually turn this challenge into an exciting game that has events and tournaments around the world and one of the most analytical and competitive communities in this kind of game.

After going through a whole decade, Batman Miniature Game is in the most optimal point of development. Now its material has been improved, its design, and it is faster, deadlier and more competitive than ever. Now, for the 10th anniversary, we wanted to give it a new look with the new Two-Player Starter Box, and include updates throughout the year to perfect our flagship game.

In addition, to celebrate this important date, every month there will be news from BMG. Exactly, you have read it well. Every month!

This year we have created some spectacular releases to give BMG as much shine as possible.

We start by announcing that BMG will have commemorative figures for the tenth anniversary.

We will also have new Bosses and crews that we are sure you have been waiting for a long time.

But not everything will be miniatures! We will have new cards to improve BMG, even changing its use in the game and its mechanics.

And new elements of personalized mats, thermoplastic elements and cardboard scenery, which will be quick and easy to assemble and since they are removable, they can be stored anywhere. It will be an ideal complement to your games in an epic way in just a few seconds of assembly.

What do you think about our future releases? You can start making your bets. There will be snippets and teasers in our social networks giving you small clues to try and guess what new releases are coming. At Knight Models we rely on our players' knowledge of Batman lore, and it's always very satisfying to see how you get it right and how connected you are to us.

That’s all, Bat-fans! Can you imagine what are the releases for this month? You can always try your luck and let chance decide, or just think about the crazy fun to come to choose another result that could be accurate. Be that as it may, place your bets and stay tuned to our social networks and the next articles on the web. We will give you the solution very soon. Don’t miss out!


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