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We bring you the March releases! This month we bring you a new crew that we've all been looking forward to in Gotham City.


Are you watching Scarecrow escaping on a horse? Be careful can be a decoy to catch you with his Fear Toxin! Scarecrow: The Worst Nightmare will be a leader capable of infusing true terror to his enemies.

No one is safe from Scarecrow's crew: Trick or Treat. Their multiple Fear mechanics will sow chaos, play with the rival and disrupt all their plans. Besides, the traits of each character, such as the Nightmares that get Regeneration, can be used to create a strategy that makes you gain control of Gotham City.

Objective Card pack from Scarecrow: The Worst Nightmare and Scarecrow’s crew: Trick Or Treat.

Find out more details about the Scarecrow deck and its game mechanics in this article.


The March releases are already available and can be obtained through the Knight Models website and in your nearest FLGS. Test your knowledge of the game and test the mechanics offered by the new miniatures.


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