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Happy Holidays Bat-fans!

To celebrate this special time of the year, today we bring you a compilation of the best comics in the Batman universe inspired by Christmas. In addition, we have prepared a little surprise that you are going to love! Can you guess which one it is? Think of someone who loves the spotlight and dressing up for the occasion. Ok into the Batman universe this clue can be tricky so we present you the new Joker Santa miniature!

This miniature will be available very soon for these special dates. We hope you enjoy Joker Santa and the stories that we will show you below.


From the beginning, Batman comics usually have special episodes for specific dates. Of course, Christmas is one of the most used for this kind of story.

In our minds there is a concrete image of Christmas reinforced by the traditions that we have seen since childhood. In the Batman universe they have used the typical characteristics of that holiday to transform them into a dark and desolate plot within the festive atmosphere of these dates.

Batman has had many adventures on these dates. From helping Santa Claus to a retelling of classic stories. This time we are going to bring a bit of Christmas spirit and we are going to show you some of the best Christmas stories in the Batman universe.


Merry Christmas and deadly new year (Batman #247).

This is one of the oldest stories told about the festive season and takes place on Christmas Eve. Batman searches for a fugitive criminal who has gone into hiding after being in a helicopter crash. Desperate, the fugitive finds a defenseless family trapped in the snow and takes the opportunity to make them hostages thanks to a vial of deadly poisonous gas. Luckily, the criminal is blinded by a mysterious Christmas star and Batman appears to defeat him. A story very much in the classic style of the older Batman comics.

Batman: Nöel.

That story is inspired by "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, but without losing the characteristic style of the Batman universe. The story centers on Batman's path of misfortune. The Dark Knight begins to follow a man hired by the Joker who he realizes is a good man, but in dire financial need because he has a sick son.

Just like in a Christmas Carol, Batman has a vision of Robin, whose death still haunts him, warning him that he will be visited by three people. There begins Batman's path to balance his past, his present and his future so that he can move on with his life.

Wanted: Santa Claus. Dead or Alive (DC Special Series #21).

This is Frank Miller's first Batman work, amazing right? The story tells how a criminal takes a job as Santa in a Mall to help his friends break in and rob the place when it is closed, but the thieves' plans are cut short when Santa changes his mind after catching the Christmas spirit. As expected, his colleagues confront him, which causes a fight between them. Batman hears the fight and goes to the place to help Santa. That was a Christmas miracle for this ex-criminal!


Christmas (The long Halloween Chapter 3).

Chapter 3 The long Halloween is the one dedicated to Christmas. In this chapter Batman is busy chasing a serial killer so Joker gets jealous of not getting so much attention from the Bat and decides to steal Christmas! This story in the style of How the Grinch stole Christmas, has that funny Joker style that we love. His crazy plan is to break into houses to steal their gifts until unfortunately the show ends when Joker breaks into Harvey Dent's house.

Slayride (Detective Comics #826).

Joker is creating chaos in Gotham City one more time! In this story we can see how he runs over the citizens of Gotham at Christmas. A simple but effective act. As usual, he puts on a Santa hat for the occasion and previously captures Robin to be part of the show. This story shows the sadistic Joker we know in a festive setting that ends up in absolute terror due to his actions. If you like this type of ruthless and cruel Joker, it is a must in your next readings.


That’s all the stories, Bat-fans. Pretty amazing, right? What's your favorite?

Remember that the Joker Santa miniature will be available very soon in our webstore and in your FLGS.


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