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Who needs a utility belt when you have the BMG App!

It doesn’t take the world's greatest detective to realize there is a brand-new boxed set around the corner for the Batman Miniature Game, and we will be looking at it in greater detail right here over the next few weeks!

Before we dive into the amazing new models and abilities we should take a look at assembling our crews to face all the new threats emerging from the streets of Gotham.

The best and easiest way to build your very own crew is by downloading the official app, available now on iOS and Android! Let’s go ahead and bring vengeance to the criminal underworld by creating a Batman crew.

The first thing to do is to click on the crews icon and then click the yellow plus icon in the lower right corner. This will bring us to the crew selection page. We will be picking the Batman crew at the very top, but you can fight for whichever faction you choose!

After clicking on the Batman crew, we are prompted to enter a name for our crew. Let's call our crew Vengeance!

Now that we have named our crew we can set its Reputation limit, this will determine the number of models we can pick and the amount of funding our crew has to spend.

We will pick 350 Reputation, as this is the standard size game. Once this is decided let’s hit the yellow CREATE button.

Now comes the fun part… deciding who you will be taking into the corruption-addled streets to serve cold, hard justice.

The app is already set up to make sure you build a legal crew, and will remove models as you fill up your leader/sidekick and free agent spots. It will also track your funding limit so you can’t overspend that funding.

Let's begin with our leader, and who else would we want to take but the Dark Knight himself, Batman! As you can see there are several choices for a Batman, but we are restricted to just having one model with a unique name and alias, once we pick our Batman the other choices will disappear, making it easy to know who we can and can't take.

Let’s go ahead and click on Batman (Year One). This brings up his character card with all his relevant traits and stats. You can click on any trait or weapon ability and it will pop up with a description of its rule, great for referencing mid game!

Ok let’s click the yellow plus sign on the model selection page, and it looks like Batman (Year One) has joined our crew! The top of the screen shows us how much rep and funding we have spent as well as the number of models we have hired. By swiping left on the crew selection screen we can see all the models we have added (swipe right to return to crew selection).

Now it’s time to continue the process until we spent our rep and funding! Remember that we can only take one leader, one sidekick (or 2 if we don’t pick a leader) and one free agent. Luckily for us we can take as many henchmen as we can afford! Once we are done let’s make sure to tap the save button in the lower right of our crew list.

So, there we go. A stalwart crew of 7 models ready to stop crime in its tracks! As you can see we have spent exactly 350 rep, but still have a whopping $800 left to spend from our funding! Fear not however, we can buy equipment!

By clicking on the three black dots to the right of your models you can either remove them from you crew or purchase equipment. Any equipment available to the chosen model will show up, along with its funding and rep cost. You can tap the equipment for a breakdown of what it does or simply tap the plus icon to add it to your crew.

So, there we have it, a full crew hired and equipped face whatever is prowling out there on the rain slick sidewalks of Gotham city. Now all we need to do is pick out our objective cards, the key to us claiming victory at the table.

Join us next time for a closer look at choosing and using Objectives!


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