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Vengeance, like father, like daughter, arrives at Batman Miniature Game full of desire to take revenge (never better said) loaded with muscle and accompanied by a few friends who love protein shakes.


Vengeance is the supposed daughter of Bane, the super villain Batman fears the most. Vengeance has great similarities to her father. She has been addicted to Venom since her birth and uses it to enhance her physical functions to the extreme. Besides, she shares with him her great intellect and her incredible tactical analysis. Although she is generally considered stronger and more brutal than Bane herself, her resemblance to him is clearly remarkable.

The truth is she is a dark half-clone of Bane. She was secretly born and raised in the Santa Prisca lab as a test subject. The purpose of this project was to deal with the enemies of Santa Prisca, but Vengeance didn’t know this. She did not know her origins and believed that her father was Bane who wanted her to be in that place, that is why she cooperated with her in this mission during her life until she found out about the death of her "father”.

The Joker would have killed Bane inside Arkham Asylum, this fact shocked Vengeance and she decided to look for The Joker to kill him in revenge for what he had done. It was then, on that trip, that she discovered the truth of her origins. This new information about her life made her think about her existence and the way she had lived until now. Her thoughts led her to understand that her life was hers, so she deviated from the path that had been implanted in her to forge her own destiny.

One big plot twist is that Bane wasn't actually dead. Bane faked his death and, on his way, meets Vengeance. Bane has a big reaction to this. He even calls her by the word “daughter”.

Bane talks to Vengeance and says some incredible words: "You share my blood. My mind. You are not the weapon of others. You are your own weapon". He ends up going with her, building a bond that could be a great alliance in the future. Where have they gone? We don’t know. It is speculated that they may be in Santa Prisca dismantling the organization that controlled Vengeance but we will know that in the future.


Let's take a look at their profiles and see what mechanics they will bring to the Batman Miniature Game.

Vengeance is the Leader of this group and for a reputation cost of 105 points she's a real smacking machine. You don't want to see Vengeance anywhere near any of your models that you are fond of.

5 attacks and the strength die at 3+ is already a threat to be reckoned with but you have to add many modifiers that make Vengeance the elite fighter she is.

Let's start with the "Close Combat Master" that will allow you to reroll failed attack dice, her "Reinforced Gloves" to do two damage per hit and the "Unstoppable" that will make it even more difficult to defend yourself from the attacks of this beast.

These abilities are tremendous in combination to knock out practically any enemy within range. But in addition to all this, at the beginning of the game you can choose an enemy model (No Henchman) and all the "Stun Damage" that Vengeance does to that enemy will become "Blood Damage". The Joker does not want to come face to face with this killer.

In addition Bane's daughter comes with the classic "Venom Doses" repository (which she uses even better than her father) and makes the scored "Dirty Job" give an extra point, no half measures, they have come to break faces.


  • Her name is a reference to Bane's first appearance in "Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (1993)".


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