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Batman Miniature Game: September Releases!

Today we bring you the September releases for Batman Miniature Game! This month we give you some great new options to add to your crews to give your games an original touch.



Alfred Pennyworth, the Batman

Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler is now available in this classic version where he is holding the cowl in front of the Grandfather Clock that is actually the entrance to the Bat-Cave. If you look closely you can see that the clock hands mark the time of death of the Waynes.

This miniature has the same traits as the special Black Friday 2021 Alfred, so the latter will serve as a skin for this Alfred Pennyworth.


Joker, Jason Todd, Death in the family

Then we have one of the most special miniatures of this 10th anniversary of Batman Miniature Game: The Joker 10th Anniversary Edition. This miniature represents one of the Joker's most memorable moments, and it was the Batman fans themselves who made the decision as to what extent the Joker's actions affect Jason Todd.

This amazing BMG 10th anniversary commemorative figure serves as a skin and shares the profile with the previous Joker miniature released in 2019.

You can learn more about this miniature in the following article.

And speaking of the devil, we have two packs related to him that you are going to love.


The Joker, Clowns, Joker crew

First, we have the Street Jesters. These incredible reinforcements for the Joker crew come to give light and colour to your games.

It is worth noting that among these reinforcements we can find a friendly henchman who is perfect for standing up to Mr Freeze's crew with his fireworks. You must have them in your crew!!!!!


Smilex, Joker, victims

Next up, we have the Gas Puppets. Citizens who have been affected by the Joker's gas and have now started acting like zombies, roaming the streets taking orders from the Joker.

These puppets are ideally suited to create chaos at the gaming boards by poisoning their enemies.


Calculator, Gotham

Another really fun option we have for your games is Calculator. This computer genius is very versatile and fits into almost all crews. Calculate your chances of hitting before attacking Calculator, you may not get another chance.


Riddler, Batman

As you can see, this month we have a wide variety of characters available, but that's not all, apart from these wonderful miniatures, the Riddler markers are here! These markers have been designed in the style of the enigmatic villain. Personalize your games with this suspect markers pack which includes 3 Riddle markers and 8 dial-shaped markers for selecting numbers.


If you want to know more about Batman Miniature Game, visit and discover our full range of miniatures.


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