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Batman Miniature Game: MAY Releases!

Greetings, Bat-Fans,

Have you seen it? The Bat-signal has been turned on!

May has been an amazing month for us. We have finally released The Batman, the new two-player starter box inspired by the exciting new film The Batman (2022).

We took care to ensure that the design and production of this fantastic new starter product for the Batman Miniature Game has the same dark and alternative feel that the movie has. The miniatures have been created from poses and movements of the characters so that they are very realistic and believable. For example, take a look at the miniature The Drifter. He looks so cool with his pose and clothes showing the same melancholy touch that characterizes the new Batman.

The new two-player starter box includes everything you and a friend need to play. The most notable are the 2 new crews included in the box! These are a new Batman crew, in which we will have some new detective mechanics to play with, and the Organized Crime crew, who are ready to take control of Gotham from the shadows.

In addition, we have taken the color palette and theme of the film to make the game incredibly competitive, epic and thematic all at the same time.

This is something you have appreciated and supported as the new two-player starter box has sold out and we are so happy and grateful about that. If you have not been able to get this new box, do not worry because we are making new stock so that everyone can enjoy the new product of Batman Miniature Game.

In addition to The Batman new box, this month we have also released the Objective card set. This set of cards contains all the Objective cards from all the crews included in the Batman Miniature Game, except for the 2 new crews as those are already included in the new two-player starter box.

This pack of cards is perfect for you to learn how all crews work, and enables you to choose the ones you like the most and develop strategies to beat the rest. You are already aware that knowing your enemy is very important to obtain victory in BMG and with this set of cards you will be able to take advantage of their weakest points to control the game.

Best of all, these products are just the beginning! This year is the 10th anniversary of the Batman Miniature Game! And we want to celebrate it by creating the year of Batman at Knight Models.

For that reason, we have created this commemorative logo for the 10th anniversary and we have a catalog created for this year full of BMG new releases, starting with the month of June, which is going to be a month with some incredible products!

For June we have several releases that you will love. We want to maintain the high level that the Batman new two-player starter box has created to complement it with the most iconic characters in the Batman universe. Can you guess what we will launch next? Soon you will know the answer. We hope that both these products and those to come will help you create your strategies to gain control of Gotham City.

In the next articles we will show you the new BMG releases. Don’t miss out!


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