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Batman Miniature Game: June Releases!

Greetings Bat-Fans!

This month’s Batman Miniature Game new releases adds some amazing characters like Azrael, Harley Quinn, Mr. Camera and many more to the game.

Let’s start with Michael Lane as Azrael. A vigilante of the order of St. Dumas And here to do justice in Gotham city.

With this new addition to the Batman crew, by using Azrael God's Punishment, you will get all the wrath of god in the form of a free agent who has enough tools to take down anyone who is not worthy, as long as you choose your targets well at the beginning of each round, since he will only be able to finish off the unworthy marked in this way.

When he does this successfully, he'll be able to perform free Manipulate actions and further help out his crew! In addition to having interesting tricks, with the Suit of Sorrows armor he will be a tough opponent for the rival. He's fast enough to be where you need him to be, plus he's got a banner, which has a couple of very useful tricks, to keep this holy warrior on his feet more, and to help you keep a good hand of objectives.

Azrael will be the perfect complement to a Batman crew that bases its objective deck on hitting early, looking for those cards early on to secure the points, and then being able to rotate to completing Suspect-based objectives once you complete God's Work.

As you can see, his incredible battle techniques will be very useful when developing your game strategies.

Another of our newest protagonists is the iconic Mr. Camera. A villain who uses his camera to commit wicked crimes and put Batman and Robin on the ropes.

Batman's opponents with strange powers are many, but Mr. Camera is one of the special ones.

Thanks to his camera skills, you will have a very useful way to control the henchmen in rival crews. In addition, you will be able to do it from a safe place through the nearby Suspects. Try to avoid direct combat since he is not a great fighter, and use him to score your cards through the actions of rival henchmen who suffer from his Hypnotize trait. This means his applications are very interesting, and you can threaten anywhere on the board, even a target that the opponent thinks they have controlled can be threatened by this Stalker trait!

Will Mr. Camera manage to defeat the feared Batman? Find out for yourself, using this miniature within any crew except Batman's.

And let’s not forget, we also have the funniest girl in Gotham city. Harley Quinn comes as a character from the Birds of Prey with a unique and unmatched style. This is a more classic version where she uses her skates and will be a great attraction for miniature collectors. Accompanied by her beloved hyena, her miniature has great dynamism and her pose evokes the wild strength of our anti-heroine.

Harley Quinn returns to the Batman Miniature Game in a unique way. Now as a Sidekick of the Birds of Prey crew, you'll be able to add her to a different list than before where, because of her different affiliations or rank on the list, you weren't allowed to.

She's the perfect complement to her beloved Poison Ivy (and beware of dealing any damage to her, Harley will become much more dangerous then), and she has a lot of different utilities on the tabletop. She is tremendously fast and very capable in combat, she also has a very interesting ability to try to confuse and disrupt rival plans with her Goad trait. She also has a whole new series of interactions with her new companions, the incredible new Roller Derby Harlequins! 4 new henchmen that Harley Quinn empowers in a way never seen before, giving you the possibility of making a whole crew centered on these two powerful women.

Her henchmen will grant you a nice tank in the form of Roller Derby Thug 1, a flame geek who won't stop moving like Roller Derby Thug 2.

Roller Derby Thug 3 will be able to affect a large number of opponents with his Improvised launcher due to his new Dispersion skill, and Roller Derby Thug 4 simply brings with it a more than effective weapon and the characteristic speed of these skaters, because sometimes the simplest things in life are the best!

This month some of the most anticipated reinforcements for the Two-Face crew arrive; The Hitman and Big John. With these men, your Two-Face crews will gain lot of flexibility when it comes to building your crews as they are two henchmen that do not cost any amount of Funding.

Big John is a tough guy, who hits even harder with his Mining Pick, perfect for those Two-Face close aggression cards that sometimes seemed a bit tricky to pull off if the opponent had a lot of characters that were hard to deal with from a distance. Being also Large and Hardened you will be able to take advantage of his great Endurance value to avoid a KO for longer.

With The Hitman you have something that the crew did not have yet, a Henchman who focuses on supporting the other members, although in a very Two-Face way, but without forgetting that making a forceful attack is always a good option. Thanks to him, you can place or reveal a Suspect with an ally that eliminates a rival, to help you complete objectives on one side of the coin without having to choose to lose those on the other side.

Plus, you will be able to draw a card from the objective deck after finishing off said rivals, so it may be your best complement if you find that it was sometimes difficult for you to complete the cards due to not having enough new options in your hand.

He has a couple of very interesting weapons that against henchmen will be especially dangerous too, so you will have to decide if you would like to expose him or keep him as safe as possible.

As you can see, this is a must-have set of miniatures to take alongside the randomly obsessed villain to create a fully Two-Face crew!

These are all the new releases announced this month, Bat-fans. What did you think? Do you have any favorites? Stay tuned to our social networks because we will explain each of them in detail, don’t miss out!


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