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Crew Overview: Two-Face

The Duke of Duality. A prosecutor who becomes a crazy criminal. Harvey Dent is Two-Face, one of the most iconic characters in the Batman universe. A character with a dual personality, who depends on the flip of a coin to make his decisions, which are usually divided into two possible acts: do good, or do evil.

The Deck

It is one of the most unique crews in the game, as it has a mechanic that represents its use of a coin to choose its decisions. Every deck of the crew must incorporate the cards of The Coin: Twisted Side and The Coin: Good Side.

One of these cards will be put into play and the other one will be shuffled at the beginning of the game, so you will have to be clear about how you are going to want to focus your style of play, since the cards that share the type of The Coin you have in game, they are the only ones you can score.

Twisted Side is focused on aggression towards enemy models, while Good Side is more focused on manipulation (placement and revealing of Suspects) and control of the play area. Also, some Resources will change their effect depending on which side of the coin you have in play. So, it is a deck that will demand a lot from you, but, in exchange, you will have some very powerful Resources, and some henchmen with awesome weapons, with a lower cost than other crews have.

We are going to start with a card from the Good Side that shows an important fact of the deck. Almost everything will ask you to do something in duplicate or have at least 2. As in this case, in addition to placing a Suspect 4” from an enemy model, you will have to already have another previously placed. It is best to use an enemy model that has already been activated to place the first, and that is far from the rest, to make it more difficult for the rival to remove that Suspect. Its resource is basically to help you not get stuck on a Coin card, since you can change it for the other coin card that is in the deck.

“Heads… you lose” Harvey Dent

Now we are going to talk about two cards that are based on aggression, that is, the Twisted Side. The Balance of Justice is played in the Raise the Plan phase and is quite a statement as there will need to be an even number of models retired as Casualty during that round. Remember that it adds both friendly and enemy models.

On the other hand, Kill them Twice is played during Execute the plan, and you'll need to remove 2 friendly Suspect markers within 4” of a friendly model removing an enemy model like Casualty, so preparation for completing this card is crucial. The best strategy is obviously to have already placed a Suspect close to the character with whom you plan to complete the card, and then, with that same character (which is best if it was an inspired Henchman) first place a Suspect and then perform the attack. The Resource of Kill them Twice is the same as the one of Two Make this Better, to have more options to change currency. As for The Balance of Justice, it will depend on the side of the coin in play, if you have the Good Side, the opponent will have to discard Suspects in play until they have the same as you, a very good resource for crews that depend on having many Suspects in play as League of Assassins, and on the Twisted Side, allows you to cancel an opposing Resource at a cost, which is to remove as many friendly Suspects equal to the value of the Resource cost of the opposing card.

“Relax, officer… we’re all friends here” Harvey Dent

You'll need to be careful with these two objective cards, as in order to score them effectively, it's best to score one first, then the other one. You should start with Heads or Heads, since normally a model that has an Audacity marker can take at least 4 damage without being removed, but it will always be a winning move, since the models that the rival puts an Audacity marker on, it will be the hardest to lose. Then you can score Time Bomb if you didn't remove it as Casualty, since now it will also be damaged. Just remember to place Suspects near enemy models when you're thinking of scoring this card, as you'll need them to be placed first, and then putting the template on top of them will deal damage to enemy models.

The Resource of Heads or Heads also depends on the active Coin Side. If you have the Good Side active. You will be able to place a Suspect marker in contact with the target of an attack (perfect if you later have a way to switch to the Twisted Side to score for example, Time Bomb), and the effect in Twisted Side is that at the cost of remove one of your Suspects with an ally during its activation, you will count as having reloaded the weapon, since it is one of the "handicap" that the weapons have powerful weapons of this crew. With the Time Bomb Resource you will always have the possibility of changing some result of the roll for another that interests you more, and this can have two uses, both to change the result you have in the roll, for example a 1 for a 6, and guarantee you a success against anyone, as to do the opposite and, for example, not defeat an enemy model that you will need to be on the table to score another card later, you can even use it in a defense roll to stay in play.

“Two faces… both as perfect as mine once was” Harvey Dent

With The Gamble you won't have to give your opponent any clues that you're going to complete them until the end, when he can't do anything. Although an expert rival in the game will be able to sense it as soon as he sees that you introduce several models inside his Deployment Zone, so keep some of your last activations to do it and try that the element with which you put them in contact is large to be able to hide your models and they cannot suffer retaliation. Two Faces of the Coin works in a similar way, play it when you have few activations left to secure its score, and have even Suspects in play. If you have the last activation it will obviously be unstoppable.

The Gamble's Resource will come in handy to make an enemy model weaker and easier to deal with, though you'll be relying on fortune (as Two-Face likes to call it).

Two Faces of the Coin, however, is a more special resource, since in addition to depending on which side of the coin is active, it will last the entire round until you have to remove the Coin marker. While you have Good Side active, your models within 4” of the marker will be very difficult to take down in melee by rolling 2 additional defense dice, while with Twisted Side active, enemy models within 4” will roll 2 fewer defense dice. The use of this resource will depend on who you are facing, since against an enemy that only attacks from a distance, you will only take advantage of the Good Side, and the fact that the rivals roll 2 fewer defense dice only makes you benefit if you are going to attack them in melee.

“You should know better by now. Fate has chosen… and cannot be denied” Harvey Dent

The Models

The best one to lead a Two-Face crew is Harvey Dent himself. He is a very complete Leader who will help your Henchmen with one of the most powerful traits in the game, such as Attorney's Allegation. By activating it you will be able to perform, once per game, 1 extra action with them. This is tremendously effective for, for example, making 2 moves and reaching places where the rivals do not expect it, making two attacks (they can even be of two different types), there are a lot of options from which you can choose. Obviously, with Two- Face it is easy to score all the aggression cards. His powerful Thompson is a ranged weapon capable of dealing large amounts of damage that scales, as he has a +1 to hit from his Expert Marksman trait. He is also very good in melee combat, as he gets a good attack value of 4 and his Reinforced Gloves. He is a model who can perform Casualties easily, even though he doesn't look like it. He has the Judgment trait, which, randomly, when he KO's someone, he can cause them to retire as Casualty instead. To help you complete cards that place Suspects, like Two Makes this Better, and not use his tactical action, just to place a Suspect, it has Evidence Tampering, so you can use it to reveal an enemy Suspect that annoys us, and place one of our Suspects for free. Also, he is a great support for all our Henchmen who are Gangsters, giving them more mobility, and granting Blood Money to gain powerful effects.

“Everyone has a part to play and no, I won’t tell you your lines before it is time to go on” Harvey Dent

To accompany the ex-prosecutor, we have the versatile Hush, who will bring many things to the crew. In the offensive section we once again have great qualities, with this model that has a great melee attack, and ranged attack with its automatic gun, which, although at first glance they seem ineffective for being light weapons, with Gunman, to carry out two attacks with them and Master Marksman to reroll failed dice, they can deal quite a bit of damage, if you don't have to move before shooting.

With these attacks you will be able to score quite a few cards such as Heads or Heads, but, in addition, Hush will help us a lot with the Suspects game and to score our Good Side cards, he has Exhaustive Planner to cancel an enemy Resource per round, with Mastermind and his +1 to the initiative roll will allow you to be in control of each round, with Scheming (2) to be able to move 2 Suspects at the end of each round and bring them closer to where you need them (or away from you) and an always useful Hidden Boss to not lose the range of inspiration if the good Two-Face bites the dust during the game, so it could be said that for practical purposes we have two Bosses.

“A single soul dwelling in two bodies” Hush

To the models we have chosen, we could add, for example, Gangster 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. All of them except Gangster 5 will give us a great ranged attack, but this Gangster will give us something that the other models do not, as is the Goad trait, incredibly useful for a crew that focuses on shooting like this. Being able to get an enemy model that was safe in front of your entire line of fire can be a winning move, since after having prepared 2 Suspects close to an ally to score Kill Them Twice and then not having targets is a real pain. Then, the rest of the Gangsters, they all have very, very powerful weapons, which we will only have to consider that we will need to shoot them before moving so as not to lose the rate of fire, and to know that between one round and another we will not normally be able to shoot from the Reload trait that all weapons share. All weapons also have the High Caliber trait, which, as long as they are at the best shoot distance, you will always lose the last Strength die, keeping the most powerful die. Assassin (2) all share, so don't be afraid to use resources, since you can recover the cards at will as long as you eliminate enemy models. Try to keep them Inspired as you also need to be able to place Suspects, and they are obviously the ones for that.

That’s all. Now is your turn. Play with Two-Face's crew, choose to do good or evil, and gain control of Gotham City. In future articles we will show other Two-Face crew options and how to play them. Don’t miss them!

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