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Batman & Robin 10th Anniversary Edition

The 10th Anniversary Batman looks terrifying, menacing and he gets his unique dark style. Totally Batman. This miniature and his loyal Sidekick Robin, will defend the streets of Gotham city with an extra touch of nostalgia.

With the arrival of this magnificent duo to the Batman crews as Knight Models' flagship 10th anniversary release, you'll have a Leader and a Sidekick that go great together. This version of Batman shares a bit of each of the other Batman, for example, having very high Stats, having good combat and mobility skills, and having Groundwork, a very useful new trait to be able to search for Control type objective cards.

Robin for his part, although he does not bring any new trait, he does have combinations of abilities never seen before. Although he is a sidekick, he can always be inspired by Batman, and he can provide backup to him thanks to his (Batman) Support trait. He is tremendously mobile and hard to take down.

That’s all Bat-fans. Soon you will be able to get this magnificent duo to incorporate into your crews and gain control of the streets of Gotham with these fantastic miniatures!

You can get the models by clicking here:


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