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Bat-Interview: Adam Reeves, LVO '22 Winner

On January 28th-30th, one of the biggest Batman Miniature Game events was held at Las Vegas Open.

Much of the BMG community gathered in Las Vegas to put their skills to the test. Many participants have wanted to win the tournament, but only Adam Reeves has achieved victory. We have been lucky to have been able to speak with him so that he could tell us about his experience.

Here is the interview we did with the winner of the BMG tournament!


Knight Models: What is your name and where are you from?

Adam Reeves: My Name is Adam Reeves, I'm originally from London, but i currently reside in the USA.

KM: How long have you been playing Batman Miniature Game?

AR: Wow... a long time... since it was very first announced and we used CM and extra movement was decided by dice! I think it was around 2012!

KM: Knight Models: What do you think of the 3rd edition of BMG.

AR: I honestly believe the game is currently the best it has ever been, all the crews have flavor and there isn’t any obvious best or worst faction.

KM: Do you have a BMG community in your local area?

AR: Im super lucky to have an active community, and have made some of my best friends playing BMG! If you are trying to make the game happen in your area, make a great looking gaming table and you will draw people in!

KM: Which crew did you decide to take to the Las Vegas Open?

AR: I decided on Watchmen, a few years back my beloved Watchmen crew were stolen, and i had JUST tracked down a set of the original models, so i was extremely excited to play them.

KM: What would you mention worth telling about the event?

AR: The event organizer, Lance runs a great event.. fantastic tables, insane prize pool and a group of players that just had a good time!

KM: What was your hardest confrontation?, and the easiest?

AR: I have 2 picks for hardest, the first being Bane unleashed... it took my ENTIRE crew to take him down... it was a crazy battle, my second would be against Chris Nelson’s Joker crew... he really knows his deck and it was a real war at the table.

I don't think i had an ‘easiest’ game, that's the beauty of 3rd edition.. any crew can beat you, there isn't an auto win button.


This interview has given us the opportunity to learn more about the opinions of one of our winners. From Knight Models we will work hard to create more experiences like this so that you can also live the experience of competing in a BMG event!


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