• Knight Models Staff

BMG Art Competition

Greetings Bat-fans!

This month of May will be very colorful! From Knight Models we are pleased to present the new BMG art competition!

We are very happy that many of you are taking advantage of your days off to visit the new Batman Miniature Game website. Thank you very much for supporting us in this new project!

To celebrate its release, we wanted to create an event where you could show your skills in a fun way!

The art competition will have two different categories:

  • The first category will award the best painted miniature (individual).

  • The other one will look for your best painted Crew (minimum 6 miniatures).

The winner of the category for best individual painted miniature will win a Batbox, and the winner of the category for best painted Crew will receive the new Batman Miniature Game Starter Box, which will be released in May.

In addition, there will also be prizes for the semifinalists, and special prizes for those works valued as more original.

To participate you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • The miniature, or Crew, chosen for the competition must be a BMG miniature found on our website. That means all those miniatures and crews that are not Eternal can participate in the competition.

  • It is possible to participate in both categories.

  • The deadline to send the miniatures to the competition will be until May 31 (included).

  • To participate in the competition, the images of the miniature will be sent to our email community@knightmodels.com 3 photos of the painted miniature will be sent. (front, profile and back).

  • The miniatures must be official miniatures from our Batman Miniature Game.

  • Miniature modifications are accepted as long as they are made on an official Knight Models miniature and the modifications are made with parts from an official Knight Models miniature.

These are all the necessary conditions to participate in this new art competition for Batman Miniature Game. Do not miss this opportunity! Grab your brushes and prepare your favorite miniatures to be the winners.

Have fun Bat fans, and good luck!